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Request for opinions on retooling Moskva skills
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Clan Battles
Joined: 27th Jun 2018
Rank: Captain
Likes 11
9th May 2019

Hey fellow Murder Men

I'm Looking for thoughts on retooling my Moskva skills, specifically to get RPF.

This build has been fun in random games, but wasn't designed for Clan Battles
And there are enough ways to go that I thought I'd ask for other folks opinions before spending the dubloons
Specifically thinking about tooling it for playing the free cap and long range defensive role
But thoughts for other roles for this ship would be appreciated as well

The only hard requirement is that I want to get rpf for it.

The modules are pretty solid
Main Armaments Mod 1
Surveilance Radar Mod 1
Aiming Systems Mod 1
Rudder Shift (could be acceleration instead) Mod 1
Concealment Mod 1
Heavyweight Guns
  Range +8
  Dispersion -11
  Main Battery Turret Speed -13

The legendary mod doesn't affect visibility after all, it's turret traverse

With skills there are a lot tougher choices
The leader is Victor Zamenski so
Preventive Maintenance is -45% chance of incapacitation to things
High Alert is 20% instead of 10% to reload of Damage Control Party
Expert Marksman is 1% instead of .7% turret traverse

Currently I have
Priority Target
Expert Maintenance
Expert Loader
High Alert
Jack of All Trades
Expert Marksman
Survivability Expert
Concealment Expert

I'm thinking of just getting rid of Expert Marksman and Jack of All Trades and swaping those for RPF
But what do you guys think?
Do you see other areas for possible improvement?
Joined: 9th Mar 2018
Rank: Rear Admiral
Likes 51
10th May 2019

Radio  Location is the first 4 point skill I put on every ship. It's always on...good things to consider Bug, I have zero knowledge about the Moskva but you can not go wrong with that skill it is a win win. I would not take a second thought on trading out almost anything for that skill it is "Situational Awareness" you are taking and can not be underestimated. I would consider the long range if that is how you plan on using that ship but I do favor the modules that give you the tighter dispersion for effective fire I personally think that is more beneficial especially as you close the distance the dispersion module again always benefits you while the range module only when something is at range. 1614116157


Last Edit: 10th May 2019 by C_D
Joined: 28th Jun 2018
Rank: Fleet Admiral
Likes 32
11th May 2019

I have the same Capt in mine and I also use it in the Stalingrad and Kronstadt. My 19 pt Capt is:
Pri.Trgt - Ex.Mark. - Super. - Conceal.Ex then
Prev.Maint. - HiAlert - Ad.Rush - RPF
Expert Marksman is req'd imo. It gets your turret time down to 31.1s
Jack of All Trades can be replaced with the flag, and Expert Loader can be replaced with better situational awareness. Survivability Expert only gives a 5% buff and not worth it. It's really mostly a DD must-have. I would take Vigilance over it but I use RPF to replace Vigilance.
I use all the same mods you're using.
Das Bat
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