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11th Apr

11th Apr
Welcome to 187
Murder Mayhem Clan

To all our newest members we are glad to have you and we have room for more!
You as 187 members are our greatest resource for recruiting. If you have friends wanting to join our clan speak with a recruiter or request to become a recruiter and help fill out our ranks.

Thank you for all you do to contribute in making 187 the best World Of Warships clan on the water.

Welcome Aboard!

Comments, Questions or Suggestions are all Welcomed and Encouraged!
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55 minutes ago BatRastardly created a new topic Stalingrad but Moskva too

1 day ago BatRastardly
I would like clan members to subscribe to Destroyer KuroshioKai on YouTube. He is a strong student of WOWS and produces insightful videos we can all benefit from. He has also offered to review our clan battles and provide advice to help us improve.
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17 hours ago BatRastardly is attending the event Clan Battles
1 day ago BatRastardly created a new topic Be a Student of the Game to Improve
It's common during post-game for clan members to highlight their damage or kill...
1 day ago Ranger 2950 just joined our community, welcome!
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C_D 09:52
C_D 17th Apr
Clan Battles today ....get some!!!
C_D 12th Apr
Happy Friday!